Jun 14, 2022 • 1HR 13M

#17 Regulatory Capture: Smokey back rooms, bureaucratic morass, or an AI mutiny?

A response to John Oliver’s “Utility Man Bad” segment

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DER Task Force
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Welcome back to another episode of the DER Task Force podcast. Following the highly unexpected John Oliver segment on utilities that made the rounds on Twitter a few weeks back, we wanted to dive into the topic and tease out some of the more nuanced points surrounding this topics. This was a fun one. In it, we talk about:

  1. (0:00-8:24) Intro, John Oliver clip, opening quote, quick takes

  2. (8:24-23:00) A loss of innocence at the Texas PUC

  3. (23:00-30:30) It’s tough to be a regulator, institutional inter Tia

  4. (30:30-38:00) NEM3

  5. (38:00-50:03) Data problems and wholesome regulators in NY

  6. (50:03-1:00:03) When the AI turns against you, Auxin solar case

  7. (1:00:03–End) So what do we do now?, wrap up, BIG SHOUTS

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