DER Task Force
DER Task Force
#19 Andy Frank, Co-founder and President of Sealed

#19 Andy Frank, Co-founder and President of Sealed

Hey kids! DER school is in session

Welcome back to another episode of the DER Task Force podcast. This time, we sat down with Andy Frank, co-founder and President of Sealed. In the episode, we talk about:

  1. (0:00) Intros, opening quote

  2. (4:27) Sealed elevator pitch

  3. (6:48) Getting DER-pilled (and allergic reactions), Andy’s 20-year plan

  4. (19:28) What’s so great about heat pumps anyway? And are they really DERs?

  5. (30:12) Driving heat pump adoption, moving from services to solutions, NIMBYism + soft costs

  6. (44:12) Electrifying in a utility’s world, command and control vs distributed solutions

  7. (53:03) Performance-based regulation is not beer, the need for regulated monopolies in the utility space

  8. (56:26) Using incentives to drive change, the mismatch between what the grid needs and what the utility can build

  9. (1:07:05) Crazy idea: Scale Microgrids x Sealed to skirt utility regulation + interconnection delays, making markets work better

  10. (1:13:29) Energy czar of America, bipartisan climate solutions

  11. (1:22:16) Dope or nope?

  12. (1:24:55) Biiiiig shouts

  13. (1:28:55) Bonus big shouts!!

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