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#21 ESGeeeez, what is happening?!

#21 ESGeeeez, what is happening?!

Breaking down the ESG narrative on the left and right, political + class struggle, and ultimately why incumbents benefit from the narrative

We are back with another episode of the DER Task Force podcast! This is our first paid episode, so if you’re listening in your favorite podcast player that’s not Substack, follow these instructions to add your private RSS feed. No guests this week, just Colleen, Duncan and James diving into the latest spicy topic: ESG, what it means, how cultural and political movements have co-opted it, and much more. Buckle up, this is a wild one. In the episode, we talk about:

  1. (1:41) Opening quote + context, disclaimers and what we’re ACTUALLY talking about

  2. (4:50) The group’s hottest takes on ESG — are people pro + anti-ESG actually the same? Has the narrative layer taken over completely?

  3. (11:25) Defining the original meaning of ESG, tracing its history, and breaking down why it’s so controversial all of a sudden

  4. (25:30) Breaking down the anti-ESG perspective (warning: Peter Thiel and the petro-industrial complex rear their heads)

  5. (38:02) Honing in on the hypocrisy of the hard pro + anti ESG movements

  6. (44:45) So is clean energy a revolution or not? Are incumbents capable of participating in the revolution?

  7. (51:20) Turns out, it’s our fucking revolution. If you want in, get in the back

  8. (1:01:15) Landing the plane on ESG — why does this all matter?

  9. (1:13:11) Preparing ourselves for the Davos transhumanists + other conspiracy theories

  10. (1:18:25) Guessing Marx’s hot take on ESG. And, what’s the true source of ESG?

  11. (1:28:03) Big shouts — VDERLove, Inflation Reduction Act, National Grid, and the USA

And friendly reminder that you can always find us on Spotify, iTunes, or your favorite podcast player. We hope you enjoy!

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