DER Task Force
DER Task Force
#22 Building DERs ain't easy with Tim Hade, COO of Scale Microgrid Solutions

#22 Building DERs ain't easy with Tim Hade, COO of Scale Microgrid Solutions

The Godfather (grandaddy?) of DERTF goes the f*** in as always

We are back with another episode of the DER Task Force podcast! This week, the crew sit down with the COO of Scale Microgrid Solutions and patron of the DER Task Force, the one and only Tim Hade. In this epic, 2+ hour episode episode, we talk about:

  1. (1:15) Opening quote, DERTF’s #1 rule, Grandaddy Tim shares some love

  2. (4:32) Tim’s DER-pilling and fave DER, some cute non-Scale hobbies, the value of compounding execution, HOTTEST energy take

  3. (21:05) Lessons from 6 years in the Air Force and getting into business with his childhood best friend, pioneering solar + battery + natural gas microgrids for resiliency, not sustainability or economics

  4. (39:15) How do we truly value resiliency? What happens when politicians run the grid? The delicate tightrope investor-owned utilities walk and asking for regulatory forgiveness, not permission

  5. (1:02:49) Project development is crazy, a playbook is emerging, sending nursing homes pizza boxes

  6. (1:18:00) Big talent joining energy tech, spaces for people to learn, Tim's the Energy Czar but gives his job away

  7. (1:23:30) Are DERs inevitable? Getting lost in the sauce, contradictions, the grouse makes it to Congress, serenity prayer

  8. (1:55:16) Dope or nope (plus a brief intermission to explore conspiracy theories)

  9. (2:14:22) Biiiig shouts to BoxPower, Jigar Shah, and the grandaddy of DERs himself - Tim Hade

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