DER Task Force
DER Task Force
#25 Emily McAteer, Founder & CEO of Odyssey Energy Solutions

#25 Emily McAteer, Founder & CEO of Odyssey Energy Solutions

Meet the global pioneer of the Bigfoot of DERs - the minigrid!

Hello there DER Task Force — we are back after a post-DERTFest break with another episode of the pod. This time, the gang interviewed Emily McAteer, founder and CEO of Odyssey Energy Solutions. In this episode we cover…

  1. (0:00) Getting to know Emily: DER-pills in ‘09, the dopest and nopest grids, Emily’s favorite DER, SunEdison in its heyday, hottest energy takes

  2. (17:40) The “uneconomics” of minigrids, and what’s going on in emerging energy markets today

  3. (26:38) The false binary of energy access - a big grid or the bare minimum

  4. (30:45) The Odyssey Energy story (and a new acronym), the core pillars of the business and competitive advantages, being the platform or owning the vertical

  5. (43:00) The job to be done by Odyssey and why build the business, Emily’s personal connection to climate

  6. (51:58) Has V2G made it to emerging markets? Capacity factor math for the new grid + bilateral minigrid agreements, and how to build minigrids for volatile demand

  7. (1:02:10) WORLD energy czar for a day, dope or nope, BIG SHOUTS

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