DER Task Force
DER Task Force
#24: IntDERoperability with Henrik Langeland, CEO and co-founder of Enode

#24: IntDERoperability with Henrik Langeland, CEO and co-founder of Enode

Taking notes from Norway out there in the future of energy

Hey there Task Force! This week, the crew sat down and with Henrik Langeland, CEO and co-founder of Enode and talked all things interoperability, walled gardens, and Henrik even breaks some exciting news on the podcast! Check out the show notes here:

  1. (0:00) Welcome to the ThunDERdome, getting DER-pilled, learning more about Henrik, why interoperability is so important

  2. (9:40) Enode — the origin story, the secret behind the name, the core business, James slips in an early Big Shout

  3. (20:40) What’s an integration? An analogy to Plaid, the challenges of device management APIs, hot takes on OEMs that don’t want to be interoperable (hint: DERTF Bill of Rights makes an appearance), why walled gardens fail

  4. (31:08) Digging deeper into walled gardens — is there an argument for the OEMs? Why OEMs can’t grasp the shared resources across all a customer’s devices and widgets vs commodities

  5. (37:30) New consumer habits in the future (or Norway), developing instincts for an electric frame of reference

  6. (44:10) Breaking news — Enode raised a $15M Series A! The fundraising process and the experience, how they’re using the money, the European startup scene

  7. (50:40) If energy were hyperabundant and it ceased to become a meaningful economic driver, then what?

  8. (56:15) Does Enode exist outside of DERs?

  9. (57:41) Henrik is energy czar of Europe, dope or nope, BIG SHOUTS

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