DER Task Force
DER Task Force
#27 Neha Palmer, CEO and co-founder of Terrawatt Infrastructure

#27 Neha Palmer, CEO and co-founder of Terrawatt Infrastructure

Electrification will change the world as we know it, and Neha and the Terrawatt team are more than ready for it

Welcome back to another episode of the pod! This week, we sat down with Neha Palmer, CEO and Co-founder of Terawatt Infrastructure. Check out the show notes below:

  1. (0:00-13:00) Getting DER-pilled at PG&E, favorite DER, extra-curricular activities and protecting powDER, Neha’s ideal last job, and hottest energy takes

  2. (13:00- 22:30) The Terrawatt Infrastructure pitch, EV charging for fleets and what’s special about Terrawatt’s model

  3. (22:30- 32:00) Location, location, location and optimization, optimization, optimization, rise of the electrocartographer

  4. (32:00-42:10) Overcoming the interconnection challenge, balancing growth and reliability in the process

  5. (42:10-52:10) What electrification means for how companies run their EV fleets and where hydrogen fits in, plans beyond EVs

  6. (52:10-56:01) Energy czar of America, and dope or nope

  7. (56:01-59:30) Big Shouts to Keyframe, Vision Ridge, and the youths. Plus interconnection analysts, Twitter and Terrawatt

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