DER Task Force
DER Task Force
#29 Sam D'Amico, CEO & Co-founder of Impulse Labs

#29 Sam D'Amico, CEO & Co-founder of Impulse Labs

Never fear - Uncle Sam is looking out for your home electrification plans

We’re back! This time we sit down with Sam D’Amico, CEO and co-founder of Impulse Labs, an induction stove start-up based out of San Francisco. Listen on for nearly 2 hours of physics, macro, cooking, and much more:

  1. (1:30-22:45 ) Getting DER-pilled (thermal events anyone?), nerding out about college extra-curriculars, Sam’s favorite DER and James’ public retraction, breaking out the old charcoal grill with the boys

  2. (22:45-30:29) When are we finally getting fusion?

  3. (30:30-45:45) How and why Sam took the induction plunge from VR, Impulse Labs elevator pitch in energy and in English, getting people into the vibes of induction by just being better

  4. (45:50-51:05) Duncan asks questions about knobs

  5. (51:05-1:02:00) The Impulse Labs master plan and induction as a NWA

  6. (1:02:00-1:16:20) A microbattery future? The exclusionary story of suburban electrification + driving down soft costs

  7. (1:16:20-1:32:10) Macro chatter: Raising a Series A in a non-optimal capital environment, growing a non-pure-SaaS business in whacky macro conditions, what happens when China rebounds from zero Covid

  8. (1:32:10-1:39:40) Energy czar of America and our energy abundant future

  9. (1:39:40- ) Dope or nope, BIIIG shouts

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