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DER Task Force
#4 Climate Tech, VC, and Private Equity

#4 Climate Tech, VC, and Private Equity

In 2019, Madison Freeman from Energy Impact Partners presented on trends and predictions for DER-focused venture capital. This episode builds on her presentation as Colleen, Duncan, and James explore the transition from cleantech to climate tech. We explore the avenues of financing by examining David Energy's $1.5 million pre-seed funding round and Scale Microgrid Solutions' $300 million equity commitment to scale the company and finance microgrid projects. Plus, who thinks we need more companies like Enron?

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Relevant Reading on Recent Funds:
-Prime Coalition raises $52m early-stage fund for breakthrough climate tech
-Pale Blue Dot announced €53m early-stage fund for EU climate tech 
-Blackrock leads $50m investment in off-grid renewable-generated water technology
-Amazon raises $2b climate pledge fund for industries impacted by climate, including energy, transportation and agriculture 
-Lowercarbon Capital, launched by Chris Sacca, announced VC fund focused on reducing carbon emissions