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DER Task Force
#42 Eat your vegDERbles: how we learned to stop worrying and love climate change

#42 Eat your vegDERbles: how we learned to stop worrying and love climate change

The crew finally talks about how to think about climate risk as clean energy abundance optimists

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We’re back! And this time with a solo ep, for free! Going forward, we’re un-paywalling all eps and going NPR style: PLEASE think about donating $5 anyways. Here’s why:

We are launching a policy team! The policy team will be focusing on enforcing the DERTF Bill of Rights. In order to do that, we need to raise money to pay a part-time or full-time policy lead. We’ll be doing this in two ways: through soliciting sponsorships to DERvos, our summit on Nov 9 (buy your ticket!). And hopefully, through your subscriptions, starting at $5 a month.

In an ideal case, we could raise ALL our money through community subscriptions, which would ensure we never get captured by corporate interests, or this or that business model. In classic DERTF fashion, we want the ability to be a bit brash, state what we believe to be true and fair as clearly as possible regardless of what powers that be may not like it… It’s a lot easier to remain truly committed to the cause by getting funding from you all instead of some external interest.

It’s worth noting that we’ve never taken a dollar out of this, and if anything we’re significantly in the red. All funds brought into the task force get routed back into the community somehow, and we intend for that to always be true.

Anyways, in this ep, we talk about arguing about climate change risk, the cold dimes square event we went to, Steven Donziger, how to think about climate risk as a climate optimist, Tesla being a blackberry at best, where we are in the tech cycle with DERs, why we don’t feel bad reading bad climate headlines anymore or really think about climate, why we don’t like doomery nature shows, a new environmentalism, eating organic before the MMA fight, an extended conversation on things we know little about: pesticides, food, seed oils, oat milk, etc, and so much more!

DER Task Force
DER Task Force
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