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#52 Edging the grid with Quincy Lee, CEO of Electric Era

#52 Edging the grid with Quincy Lee, CEO of Electric Era

Deep grid tech is here!

We’re back! This time we sat down with Quincy Lee, CEO and co-founder of Electric Era, an electric vehicle refueling company. Quincy has a super cool background - starting with designing skyscrapers, then moving on to space technology, and now he’s der-pilled.

We talk about all kinds of stuff in this one:

  • what SpaceX and Starlink were like

  • why EV charging, or whoops, we mean “car refill”

  • EV charging reliability

  • grid constraints limiting EV infrastructure

  • the role of social media in shaping public opinion on energy

  • the category isn’t ClimateTech or even EnergyTech - its GridTech

  • and Deep GridTech is here!

  • solid state power electronics, quantum-level stuff

  • where the hell are all the transformers we need?

  • Quincy: Gundo is “okay”, but come to Seattle

  • innovation at the grid edge

  • the grid edge strangler figging the grid?

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