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DER Task Force
#43 Cathèdrales Atomiques with Mark Nelson

#43 Cathèdrales Atomiques with Mark Nelson

Nuclear plants are the Sequoias of power grids

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We’re back! And this time we peeled away from climate week events to record a late night ep with self-proclaimed Nuclear Bro, Mark Nelson. Grab a drink for this marathon of an episode and sink in as we wax poetic about one of our favorite religions, Nuclear Power. And we mean that in the best way.

Tune in as we discuss Mark’s journey into nuclear and James’ journey away from it, early 10’s nuclear reddit, how the nuclear movement has evolved over time, how shutting down nuclear plants is as tragic as chopping down great sequoia trees, frame how to think about the political economy of nuclear and why Lazard LCOEs are bogus, how US power markets are not really markets, why centrally planning nuclear is ok, Mark’s questioning if electricity is even a commodity at all, why nuclear advocates should be dogmatic, how the nuclear dream is something worthy to aspire to, what nuclear’s path back to prominence is in the US, and so much more!

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