Jul 27, 2021 • 1HR 6M

Meetup - OhmConnect and Virtual Power Plants

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DER Task Force
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We’re really excited for this episode of the live meetup event with Cisco DeVries (CEO) and Matt Deusterberg (President and Co-Founder) of OhmConnect. If you’re not familiar, OhmConnect is helping California’s grid integrate renewables by unlocking the promise of residential flexible load. They do this via energy markets, their app, smart plugs, and great design.

OhmConnect also recently raised $80M from Google-owned Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners to fund aggregation of a 550MW virtual power plant (VPP) made of hundreds of thousands of California households, plus an additional $20M in corporate equity. Extremely exciting news for our space.

If you’re looking for some background on the company, we recommend checking out the Watt It Takes podcast episode that they recorded with Matt.