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#27 Neha Palmer, CEO and co-founder of Terrawatt Infrastructure

#26 The DER Task Force, live from DERTFest 2022

DER Task Force November Newsletter

#25 Emily McAteer, Founder & CEO of Odyssey Energy Solutions

#24: IntDERoperability with Henrik Langeland, CEO and co-founder of Enode

DERTFest 2022: Important reminders + day-of details

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🚨BREAKING: DERTFest After Party🚨

Task Force Feature: Building the Fractal Grid - Release #2

Task Force Feature: Building the Fractal Grid - Release #1

#23 Double short gamma alpha in the electropolis with Michael Huerta, CEO and co-founder of PearlX

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Footprint Project: Hurricane Ian response effort

FeDERalist Paper #2: Energy data has its 1776 moment

#22 Building DERs ain't easy with Tim Hade, COO of Scale Microgrid Solutions

Announcing DERTFest 2022

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#21 ESGeeeez, what is happening?!

FeDERalist paper #1: Equity and DERs

#20 Upgrading a Billion Machines with Ari Matusiak, CEO of Rewiring America

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Task Force Feature: The DERTF Bill of Rights

#19 Andy Frank, Co-founder and President of Sealed

Task Force Feature: Age of the Electron Part II

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#18 Mary Powell, CEO of SunRun: The Oracle at DERphi

#17 Regulatory Capture: Smokey back rooms, bureaucratic morass, or an AI mutiny?

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#16 Kiran Bhatraju, CEO of Arcadia: DER-pills in the thunDERdome

Task Force Feature: Cheaper Energy, Pricier Wires

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#15 Chekhov Mate for Domestic Energy

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#14 Nuclear is Isodope

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#13 California NEM Three Point No